Currently, I work as a QA Engineer for an industry leading corporation. Over this time I have helped test and maintain hundreds of websites, mobile apps (iOS & Android), and Alexa skills. I assist the dev / support team by writing scripts to help with tasks and perform audits as well as perform API tests via Postman. Additionally, I currently field most of the internal and external customer support for these products.

I'm currently working towards implimenting Nightwatch.js to test all of the sites on our platform. One of our main goals is to maximize our coverage while decreasing the amount of code we must maintain. Additionally, I've implimented modules such as Nightwatch VRT to check for regressions before and after pushes to productions. I've also been using Cheerio quite extensively to perform audits on our 350+ live prod sites / apps / skills.

Prior to this I worked for an outsourced QA company in California where I tested software and mobile applications for VSCO.

This site was built by me using Gatsby / React / Scss and the Google Drive as a data source for the blog posts.

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