Headless Nightwatch Tests

Waltir | 2019-05-02

The Nightwatch documentation unfortunately does not cover how to run your tests in a headless mode so I thought it would be worth writing a small post about it. For those of you that are not familiar with the term ‘headless’ it simply means running a automated browser window that does not physically appear anywhere on your machine.


To enable headless this headless mode you’ll want to add ”headless” to your ”chromeOptions” like so:

// The environment below is named 'headless' and is located in our nightwatch.conf.js file.
"headless": {
"desiredCapabilities": {
"chromeOptions": {
"args": [
"headless", // This is the line that tells nightwatch to run in a headless mode
"browserName": "chrome",
"javascriptEnabled": true

That’s all it takes to initiate a headless mode in Nightwatch. Hopefully this is able to help some of my fellow Nightwatch users out.